Marketing Research 2013

How to reallocate research capacities in today’s digital media environment

Procter & Gamble is probably the world’s biggest market and marketing research buyer. Joan Lewis, Global Consumer & Market Knowledge Officer at P&G is the top executive in this field. She expects market surveys to decline dramatically, because social media listening is replacing traditional market research methods.

What social media listening tools are out there?

The former Alterian SM2, is integrating listening methods, marketing analytics, campaign management,social media capabilities and SDL’s functionalities. I have used SM2 for research in German language, where it delivered much mor accurate results than all other products.’s Radian6
Radian6 – which was aquired by in 2011 – is probably still the market leader and is a very handy tool as long as your research is focussing on English language mentions preferably targeting the U.S.

A Silicon Valley-based developer of natural language processing technology used to analyze social media and online digital content in general. It’s Insight Workbench combines analytics, charts and research tools on a subscription basis.

Here is an overview of a number of other helpful tools. The author did obviously not like to promote the market leaders, which is why the above mentioned products are not on the list.


Social Media Department – Examples

Marketing Cheat Sheets – just published

Now there are cheat sheets for the two most important steps of marketing planning:

The cheat sheets come with instructions in a few steps and with the necessary worksheets. You may use the worksheets in your marketing presentations. Check it out –>

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Sponsoring Tangibles

What on earth is sponsoring tangibles?

Its consumers receiving tangibles branded with a companies’ brand. The tangibles are mostly wearables, e.g. t-shirts. They bear a logo or a slogan with a logo or an ad, sometimes a QR-code.

The consumers opted into a program that identified them as potential brand ambassadors (so you can be sure, they are gonna wear your t-shirt). This works with randomly assembled groups of interested consumers as well as with amateur sports teams or even with a group of people attending a birthday party. Marketers will surely find other ways to benefit from this idea.

Experiences so far are too few to actually say how successful this is, but Unilever and State Farm Insurance were already willing to test it. How? By using the offers of new breed of opt-in ad-networks who offer this service.

Comprehensive List of Marketing Channels – Digital and Classic – 2013

Is there anything new on the marketing channel horizon? Yes, there is: Sponsoring Tangibles. What is it? Read here –>

Get the full list as pictured below –>

More about methodically selecting marketing channels –>
Marketing Channels 2013

Germany’s Top 100 Websites by Reach

December figures from AGOG (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Online Forschung eV – Institute for online Research) – the association of online marketers based in Frankfurt.


The Secret of Social Media Seeding

… is find key opinion leaders (including important bloggers), target group media and cooperations with industry voices (eg. scientific organizations, universities). There is nothing online or digital about it – at first sight.


Once you have identified KOLs, media and coop prospects, you need to reach out and  get in touch, based on your industries habits and get them to have a look at your product/service. Give them all necessary information to see your product in the most positive light. And give them an incentive to

  • use it,
  • tell others about it (preferably in writing),
  • run an article about it,
  • exchange links.

That’s it. Sounds pretty dry and boring and YES, it is!!! A huge part of seeding is about outreaching by grabbing the phone and establishing a personal connection.