Online and Social Media Status Quo

What’s bugging us currently?
Online Privacy
The Facebook’ Places launch and intensive discussions in Germany about Google’s Streetview are the most current signs that giving away privacy has come to a point where more and more consumers are feeling unhappy. Things moved so fast and most consumers were so fascinated with the brave new world that they now seem to take a breath and start asking questions. Even Google’s Eric Schmidt does not believe “society understands what happens when everything is available, knowable and recorded by everyone all the time”.
Wall Street Journal – Google and the Search for the Future
Mashable on Places and Preliminary Concerns

Apps Boom
Executives of leading mobile operators surveyed by the Economist Intelligence Unit expect revenue from downloaded apps to overtake revenue from voice services as soon as 2013. This matches the growth numbers of smart phone penetration and also confirms the changing habits of smart phone users, who reallocate online time away from the PC to their smart phone.
Financial Times – Mobile operators predict app sales boom

Technological Freedom
Both above mentioned trends fit into the discussion on technological freedom:
Surveillance and Censorship: Google left China protesting govenment censorship, but no other tech company followed. RIM is apparently giving in to authoritarian regimes demanding access to users email encoding.
Net Neutrality: network operators want to charge premiums for high-bandwith services like youtube. This could result in a preferential web model, where bandwith goes to whoever pays for it.
Ethics: many of the young entrepreneurs that now head big corporations vowed to represent a new generation of ethical companies. But this claim has been eroded by profit necessities, seductive marketing opportunities and political issues.
Financial Times – Technological freedom

Why does all this matter? Because we have these vast opportunites that the globalized digitalization are bringing and it would be a shame to run it all into the ground by rushing into everything new and shiny without asking about the cost.


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