Everybody does Facebook, Twitter, YouTube – few have a strategy

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Today, research for clients and prospects shows always the same: they all have social media presences, but they all have them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, e.g. the most popular sites. Sorry, that’s not a strategy!

Effective and efficient Social Media Marketing uses the Long Tail of Media to spread communication far out to the niche platforms of the target group(s). To explore the potential of that long tail, you need a strategy and a concept. The big three can be very helpful, but social media does not work like prime time TV.

Well, why not? Because social media is not like traditional media which offer advertising opportunities designed to be spread according to reach metrics. The reach of social media has not much to do with Facebooks 700m users, even though they may help to spread the word. And thats the point: social media is a communication method. Users communicate about things they want to communicate about. Your brands ad budget can be huge, but your Twitter and Facebook account still have the same weight like mine. Only if users are picking up your message, will you gain friends, fans, subscribers. Sure you can advertise your Facebook page, but thats missing the point of using social media for marketing.

To use the potential of social media you need to understand how your target group is using them. Set goals and formulate a strategy accordingly. Then develop a concept on that basis. See how the 7 step approach to concept and strategy works for you.


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