7 Steps for a Perfect Social Media Concept

Most marketing budgets have not kept pace with the recent changes in communication culture. Now they have to be adapted and a social media marketing mix has to be added.


  1. set a goal –> click for the 7 step online guide
  2. allocate budget –>
  3. provide capacity –>

BUT: a social media marketing concept IS NOT:

  • your iPhone app, which at best reaches a certain smartphone elite,
  • a few lost tweets mentioning your brand promotion,
  • a facebook page, which has to reach its audience in a parallel universe of 700 million people,
  • uploading tv-spots to YouTube, „to tap into their viral potential…“,
  • offering a discount at Groupon,
  • the endless internal discussion necessary to “narrow down our options and to definitely find the right strategy”.

A professional concept is one that includes a strategy, is tailored to the target group’s needs, ca be started fast, is simple and easy to manage, is flexible and it needs to correspond with the overal marketing concept.
It can be created in 7 systematic steps: [Continue reading →]


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