Key: What was this Social Media Campaign for?

It was Prince William’s and Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding on Friday, April 29 2011.

Here are the links to the different social media presences:
Microsite pulling in updates from Facebook, Twitter and Flickr
Charity microsite
Facebook Page
Live Stream on Facebook
Embeddable Stream on Facebook User’s Walls
Twitter Feed
Official hashtag
Curated Tumblr page
Flickr Photo Stream
Flickr crowdsourced photo album
YouTube Channel with commenting option

The results:
Akamai reported that the event broke live streaming records and “surpassed the 1.6M peak set by World Cup in June of 2010.” Even though it was ‘just’ the 6th biggest web news event of all time, it was undoubtedly a big success for the marketing efforts for British Royalty, because with broad media coverage, they did not have to do anything at all. But engaging the audience to share pictures, comments, tweets and to donate to charity was a well done marketing coup.

Global Internet traffic on the wedding’s news peaked at 5.3 million page views per minute at about 8:30 a.m. ET on Friday.
(President Barack Obama’s election in November 2008 drew 4.3 million page views per minute. Source: Akamai.)
The wedding broke a Livestream record by topping 300,000 concurrent viewers at 6 a.m. ET on Friday.
Blog posts on the wedding have reached around 102 million.
eBay Royal Wedding-related items listings have reached 400,000 .
YouTube videos tagged with Royal Wedding-related words total around 460,000 every day.
Tweets about the wedding have averaged around 5,000 per hour (46% sentiment positive, 43% neutral, only 12% negative, Mashable).

Royal Wedding Infographic


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