Organic Search Results and how to achieve them

Organic search results are listings on search engine results pages that appear because of their relevance to the search terms (as opposed to advertisements and paid search listings). Marketers are longing to achieve organic search results for their products, because it means that the searching target group will find their product and brand naturally in their search results. Click to see an example.

So how can you achieve organic search results?

I have some experience with them since I “own” the search term “social media marketing concept” in the German speaking countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

You need to have an online marketing concept and strategy, good knowledge of todays online world and social media, some technical understanding and some patience. Plan your goal, capacity and budget. Find the right keyword through social media monitoring (for most companies, this is the hardest part). Define a strategy and put your online marketing mix together. Measure the results constantly and apply tactics and adaptations to your strategy and online marketing mix.

What was my online marketing mix?

It is a rather boring mix with no creative highlights, but it was highly effective!

You too want to find clients this way?
No problem, send me an email, i will get back to you shortly!


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