Top 20 Social Network Sites in Germany

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Executive Summary:
Social Media in Germany

Germany’s social network landscape is characterized by a fragmented field of local platforms, who  have been losing members constantly in the past 2 years. Facebook has replaced the VZ networks at the top, but there are still 6 local networks defending their position among the top10.  And there are Russian, Polish and Spanish networks among the top 20.  There is also an international platform and a German platform among the fastest growing platforms. Read the summary “Social Media in Germany”.→

Marketing Channels in Germany
Today’s marketing channel picks are broadly dominated by digital media and transmission methods. Here is a comprehensive list and some more suggested reading:

Start marketing your products in Germany.→

How fast does opinion travel in social media? –>

And what will come up next? What will be the next Facebook or Twitter? Read here…


One response to “Top 20 Social Network Sites in Germany

  1. Very helpful for a company that has just entered the German market, thanks.

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