The 4 E’s of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing does not necessarily have to be creative. Many marketers and especially advertising agencies are focussing too much on creative elements of their campaign, thus confusing social media with a media channel (the term social media unfortunately implies this). But social media is a communications channel and it is all about the communication flow. A thread is here more important than a sensation.

What should be in a social media concept? That really depends on the task at hand. (Here is more on developing a social media marketing concept –>)
But the 4 E’s are a very good handle to get on the right track:

Engage your target group, be open and accessible, offer insights, be inspiring, ask for help. Simply give your target group and/or audience something to relate to your company, the product or brand.

Offer something which gives your target group added value in the form of an experience. This can be entertaining, but it can as well be just informative. All it has to do is to give the visitors of your online properties (website, Facebook page, Twitter account, video on YouTube, etc.) the impression that they got some value out of it.

Include an engaging element to your online properties. Think of brand mythos, problem-solving initiatives, community-building, charity, crowdsourcing. Anything that encourages your visitors to share and communicate with others is suitable.

Give your target group an exclusive communication element that is only accessible for them and exclusively via social media. Use events/exhibitions to offer a parallel social media channel for all related communication. Despite it’s bluntness: coupons are still the most popular reward that social media audiences expect from brands (just don’t appear cheap).


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