The Top 10 Social Media Events of 2011

This is the time of the year when round-ups, look-backs, year reviews and top 10 lists are being published and I can just not resist to publish one for social media. But that’s because I found a nice one on socialmediaweek.

Their ranking:

  1. The Arab Spring
  2. Japanese earthquake, tsunami and nuclear plant disaster
  3. Wikileaks affair
  4. Charly Sheen’s Twitter success
  5. Anthony Weiner Twitter Scandal
  6. Hurricane Irene
  7. Rebecca Black “Friday”
  8. Social Media IPOs
  9. The Royal Wedding
  10. UK riots

To the article >

In Germany, I could not think of any big event – the only thing that came to mind was the “zocco limone” fun in the blogospere, but I did not even find it anymore in my searches. If you have some links to it, let me know.




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