200 Startups in Berlin, Germany (and counting)

Berlin is very popular for internet startups these days. Named “Silikon-Allee” a long time ago, the start-up scene has been hyped again in the last 2 years. Berlin’s low living costs and the ample supply of programmers, students and designers has attracted venture capitalists and now they all meet around Torstrasse and Rosenthaler Platz in Mitte.

Working Crowd at St. Oberholz

At St.Oberholz you can see the start up posse closeup at feeding. BUT: as you can see in the picture – don’t even think about bringing any other hardware than a MacBook. Leave your iPad at home – it’s so consumer. A MacBook Air is acceptable, but it’s what the venture capitalists use, so you may get asked for seeding money.

If you need seeding money, these are the guys to meet here:
Rocket Internet, Springstar, Team Europe, FoundersLink, Rheingau Founders, YouIsNow, bmp, Earlybird, estag, Hasso Plattner Ventures, IBB Beteiligungsgsellschaft, makeastartup.com, Point Nine Capital, Ventegis Capital.

How do opinions spread in social media? –>

If you have money to invest – these guys are working hard to become the next Facebook or Twitter:
Google Startup Map Berlin


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