NYC Marathon 2012 in Social Media

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Unfortunately, with the cancellation of the NYC Marathon, things have changed.

Until Friday, I felt sorry, for those internationals, who trained hard for their first marathon, but then have had their planes cancelled. My advice has been: keep in mind that your training was also a great experience and you will very likely get another chance to run a marathon.

But now I feel even more sorry for the people who actually managed to get to New York and then had to learn Friday afternoon, that the city decided to cancel the event.

I do however understand people who suffer from blackouts, flooding, lack of gas etc. and I do agree that this is not the time to celebrate a runner’s party when so many people struggle to get their lives back to normal.

The cancellation has also affected the Marathon’s social media precence. Now, most of the content is about cancellation as such:

Check out #marathon for the discussion on Twitter.

The Marathons social media sites:

And more:
Manu’s Laufwelt – an international participant’s perspective of the NYC Marathon – she made it to the city and then learned from the cancellation.
Runnersworld marathon forums
New York Road Runners: “The 2012 ING New York City Marathon will proceed on November 4 as scheduled. Click here for important updated information.”


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