4 Trends in Mobile Marketing

Data for this analysis was taken from the Adobe Digital Index – research on digital marketing based on the analysis of data from over 5,000 companies worldwide.

Paid Search (Google AdWords etc.) grew by double digits in the second quarter of 2012:
UK +18% year on year
U.S. +13% yoy
Germany +12% yoy

ROI improved due to lower cost-per-click rates, not in Germany however.
U.S. +23% yoy
UK +5% yoy
Germany -5% yoy(!!!)

Advertising delivered to tablets currently offers higher conversion rates and ROI than ads on PCs or smartphones.
Tablet conversion rates top PC conversion rates by 20 percentage points.
PC conversion rates top smartphone conversion rates by 42 percentage points.

Marketers are skeptical about mobile ads, because of fuzzy metrics, difficulties to buy ads in big quantities and accidental clicks (especially recent stories of unintended clicks on Facebook). This explains why the market in the U.S. is only 2% of all marketing spending when smartphones and tablets account for 10% of internet traffic (StatCounter Inc.).


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