Incorporating a Start up in Germany – Duration and Cost

In my case – a GmbH with only one partner – it took 5 weeks from meeting the notary public to receiving the confirmation from the Handelsregister (company register) and the total cost was € 864,-. I decided to post the process and the cost, because when I was considering incorporation I could not find a brief of what will happen. Hope you find it useful.

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notarDetailed Schedule:
3 days of preparation by notary public

4 days for the preparation of the memorandum of incorporation and list of partners. At this stage the Inc is “in foundation” (GmbH i.G.) and liability is not yet limited if you start doing business already. At the same time, the notary will send you a bill. In my case it was for €587 plus €127 – the fees depend on the number of partners, the amount of capital stock and if it is paid in fully.

1 week to open a bank account and pay-in your capital stock. Ask the bank to send you an account statement proving the pay-in as soon as the money is in the account.

1 week from sending the statement to the notary, who will then transfer the documents to the court of registration.

1 week for the court to process the registration request and to send the bill for the registration fee (€150) to the stated address of the Inc.

1 week after paying the fee until you receive the confirmation of incorporation. The Inc. is now registered and liability limited. You are doing business as a GmbH now.

Be careful not to confuse the registration confirmation with offers from some publishers to register your company. Read more about this issue here –>


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