8 Uses for Drones in Marketing

  • PR
  • Shipping and Distribution
  • Travel Marketing
  • Multimedia
  • Promotions
  • Sweepstakes
  • Edutainment
  • Negative Ads

Public Relations

Amazon has shown how you can use news about the deployment of drones for company services can be used for marketing. The use of drones for Amazon Prime will certainly take some time until ready to offer, but the news was a worldwide sensation when announced before christmas 2013. The topic blends with the next:

Shipping and Distribution

A bunch of companies (Amazon and a number of delivery services and postal services) are developing and testing the use of drones for fast, local delivery systems. The promise: a prime service for the impatient consumer as well as for replacement parts for industries, who lose money as long as they have to wait for some screw for a broken machine.

Travel Marketing

A fast growing number of tourist and recreational facilities have found out about the coolness of arial views and videos. They show their facilities from above, so that their target group can have an impression how nice it is at the facility.


Whatever you do to show your product in a cool way, nothing beats the view from above and surrounding your product. You do not have to be in travel/recreation to apply drones for picture/film. Even small things like food, sports gear and toys can be filmed in a completely new way using a camera drone.


People are still awed by seeing a little drone flying by and this can be used to attract attention at promotional events. Depending on the strength of your drone you can even do display advertising.


Just give your customers a drone. It’s not the new iPhone, but it comes close in coolness.


This blends with multimedia. There are so many products/services that need explanation. Pictures and film created using a drone can sometimes add a new option to do the explaining.

Negative Ads

Time for fun: SilencerCo is marketing its gun silencers with an ad movie where a guy shoots drones.


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