8 Tricks For Making Impressive Photos with a Smartphone

All of this applies for camera use too, of course.

No Cut-offs
I put this first, because it takes time to learn it and it is the biggest nuisance on earth when looking at photography. Everybody knows that you must not cut off feet. But the same applies to literally everything (the car with cutoff back door, sun cut offs, buildings cut off, clouds clumsy cut offs, etc.). You need to develop a photographer’s eye to not step into the cut-off trap while quickly making a shot supposed to be terrific for it’s sundown. And what about all these great looking closeups where literally everything is cut-off? Well, before you are really good at this, try to include as much as possible and then crop the picture in your editing feature.

Choose one or two subjects. Even three, but careful not to overdo it. Two subjects can be quite interesting, but if your main subject is powerful, then less is more. Humans make the best subjects.

Switch on the grid in your settings. Focus on the subject and put it into the center of the grid. If you work with more than one subject, try to arrange them properly within the grid.

are a way to make things more mysterious. It works best with humans. Their faces often not recognizable, our eyes are scanning their gestures. To achieve silhouettes you must position the subject between you and the source of light. Try more than one shot and include one with HDR switched off. Early and late sun positions work best, because it’s easy to position the source of light.

Do not light out shadows. And do not cut them off. Include 100% of the shadows and then try the cutting in the editing mode. Sometimes you can make a photo great by putting the shadow as the main subject.

Mirror images in water are great! In shallow water even better! Try showing your subject and it’s mirror image, then try to show the mirror image alone. Experiment with the reflexions. Surfaces can be great – a drop of water on them with some reflection enhances the whole photo experience.

Unique Angles
Position yourself and your camera in an unusual spot in relation to the subject (to it’s feet, from the odd side, currently it’s very popular to shoot from above – drones etc.)

Do not bring up as many things as possible. It’s like telling a story: make a clear storyline and do not get carried away!

No Trick: Combine
All these tricks can be combined easily without violating each other, but be careful too.

Also not a trick: Monetization
Now we got all these features, general fotomaking knowledge, a few tricks and some talent, right? All for just bragging about our photography on Facebook, Instagram, Flickr etc. or even worse: having them downsized in a WhatsApp message – what a waste, don’t you think?
Wouldn’t it be more rewarding to have someone ask for a specific set up to be photographed and pay us for good work? Here is how –>


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