7 Secret iPhone Camera Features

Burst Mode
Hold down the shutter button for longer.burst.014The camera will start taking photos one after another as long as you keep the button down. iPhone6 and 5s shoot 10 photos per second, the other models make slightly less. A counter tells you how many have been made. The easy access to this feature makes it extremely useful for anything with movement, especially snapshots. When accessing the “photo”
in camera roll, you will find a “Selection” command on the bottom line, that brings up all the burst shots. You can choose the best one and trash the rest.

Manual Focus FocusThe camera focusses automatically, but that’s not always in line with your needs, because it is dependent on how much light the different possible subjects in a photo reflect. For example a person in front of a building in front of some mountain provides three possible focus subjects. The camera autofocus finds the subject according to light reflection. To correct the autofocus, tap the screen to focus on the object that you want to be in focus.

ExposureexposureManual focus can result in objects being lit up or in the dark,which again is a result of light reflection. Manual focus shows you a little beam with a sun on the right side of the yellow frame. Tap the sun and adjust the light to adjust the focus to your needs. This allows you to manually group light reflection on the different subjects in relation to your main subject.

Lock Focus and Exposurelock
Since the camera adjusts focus and exposure when you move it, the slightest move changes the settings described before.To lock focus and exposure tap the screen where you want to set focus and exposure and hold it down for a couple of seconds. A larger square a yellow AE/AF LOCK sign will appear.

High Dynamic Range is the difference of the brightest parts of the scene (highlights) to the darkest parts of the scene (shadows). This is why many photos with sky make the actual object too dark or focussing on the object makes the sky too bright. HDRAnd the picture is totally different from how the photographer had seen the scene, because the human eye can see a much higher dynamic range than any camera. HDR combines the best characteristics of both ranges – highlights and shadows.
When you turn on HDR on the top of the camera window, your iPhone will make 3 photos for each shot and combine the best parts to creat the best photo.
– it takes just a little bit longer
– you need to hold your iPhone very still or mount it on a tripod
– subjects should not move
Remember: it takes 3 shots and combines them, any movement (subjects or your hand) leads to a blurred combination.
As good as the iPhones camera is, the better HDR results can be achieved with dedicated HDR apps.

Headphone Shutter Buttonsheadphones
You probably know that you can use the volume buttons on the side of your iPhone as a shutter buttons. You just have to switch it on in settings. This allows you to hold the iPhone like a normal camera.
But did you know that the volume buttons on your headphones have the same functionality whenever the camera is on? Feels like a remote shutter control and is a great way to minimize unintentional touching of the window or camera movement.

Monetization IMG_0606
Now we got all these features, general fotomaking knowledge, a few tricks and some talent, right? All for just bragging about our photography on Facebook, Instagram, Flickr etc. or even worse: having them downsized in a WhatsApp message – what a waste, don’t you think?
Wouldn’t it be more rewarding to have someone ask for a specific set up to be photographed and pay us for good work? Here is how –>


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