4000 Twitter Followers in a Month

How to grow your Twitter Followers by 200 every day for about 20 days?

There are “social media gurus” selling this in seminars, when it’s actually a simple recipe. They say it’s costing you 5 minutes a day – which is true!

So, what is behind it?
Twitter allows you to follow 1000 people a day and 2000 in total. Twitter does not limit how many followers you can have.

And here comes a universal finding:
Follow 1000 twitterers and around 200 will follow you back.

Step by Step:

  1. Find a twitterer whose followership resembles your target group, pull up his followers and follow 1000 of them. On the first day, you will have at least 100 following you back (and offering to repeat the same thing on Facebook or Instagram),
  2. Wait for another 2 days and slowly the number will rise to 200.
  3. Flush out all of your Follows (people who you follow) who did not follow you back.
  4. Now you can follow another 1000 – repeat step 1.

If you do that almost every day, lets say 20 days of the month, you will very likely end up with 4000 followers.

You can do that trick directly on Twitter and its apps, but you need to click one after the other to follow/unfollow, which may seem stupid work. But it is true, that once you know the trick, it does not cost you more than 15 minutes a day. There are some twitter platforms out there that allow you to process this more efficiently, but you still have to click like a maniac. Yet 5 minutes a day is realistic.

There are also limits!

Twitter does understandably not want you to do this and is monitoring massive following / unfollowing per day. So you may want to take it a little more slow to not attract twitter’s attention and the consequences of getting blocked. It probably is a better idea to mix an organic quality follower strategy with this mass followership strategy.


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