The good old Website

A website as a marketing tool? How outdated is that? Everyone has a website, right?

On the one hand- yes. But there are new companies being founded all the time – they do not have a website. And the ones who have been around for a while? Their websites are very often from yesteryear.

Some try to fulfil the basic need to be present when someone googles their name by linking a domain to a Facebook page or even just a twitter account. The more digital savvy ones replace having a website with a blog.

But let’s face it. Everyone needs a search optimised domain and their core presence accessible by URL (or URI today actually). Not for marketing reasons – for hygienic reasons!!! You don’t want to look like you are a relic from the analog past!

Now, how can you get to it easily. There are so many homepage-builder offers out there. A client of mine just used one of these and then came to me to fix the mess that his website looked like.

What do you want and need?

  • You need a hosting service – costs a 3-6 € a month.
  • You need a contemporary design – take the currently fashionable bootstrap from Twitter for free.
  • If you do not know HTML, you need a Content Management System (CMS) – take wordpress for free.


I just set this up for a client. If you do not know how to book a host, know basic html to get along with that bootstrap and are not able to set up wordpress you will need help that you have to pay for. The best is: get someone who can easily explain to you what you need to do (host, html, cms), pay once for the advice and the initial set up and be free to fiddle with it yourself for the rest of your life.

If you do not have someone to help you, drop me a line and I will set you up.





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