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Test yourself: What was this Social Media Campaign for?

Microsite pulling in updates from Facebook, Twitter and Flickr
Charity microsite
Facebook Page
Live Stream on Facebook
Embeddable Stream on Facebook User’s Walls
Twitter Feed
Official hashtag
Curated Tumblr page
Flickr Photo Stream
Flickr crowdsourced photo album
YouTube Channel with commenting option

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Marketing Brilliance: Air New Zealands Safety Instructions Video that went viral on YouTube

ESPN Viral Video Campaign with Mike Tyson and Angry Birds, Yeheeee!

Here is what happens after clicking: ESPN shows you a few good outtakes from the set, “… since you have so much time to kill …”:

John Galliano Case Study: How to Protect your Brand

Dior has is now sacking star designer John Galliano for “odious behaviour” after just suspending him last Friday. Galliano has been accused of making antisemitic and racist insults in a drunken rant (The Guardian).
Read the FT article about Bernard Arnault hitting the breaks before letting the Dior brand suffer more from the scandal.

James Lawson of Ledbury Research, a luxury market research company confirmed that the brand had to move quickly: “The brand is bigger even than Galliano. As an individual he did something wrong but as long as the brand is quick to show to its consumers that this is not behaviour they would tolerate, the brand can survive.” (quote: Financial Times)

On the other hand, Benoît Heilbrunn, marketing professor at ESCP dismissed Diors action as “an opportunistic gesture of an opportunistic brand.

Promoting a Game Event in Social Media

Recently uploaded:The Queen of Social Media @ the SonnCom Video Channel on YouTube.

Some of you may find this inappropriate content, but here is why I find it worth to discuss:
The target group can connect instantly.
It’s totally clear to them what the publisher wants to promote.
He is promoting the event just by talking, while showing the target group the ultimate thing they can relate to: the game itself.
He is mentioning all the various social media sites, where the target group can get more information.
And notice that he mentions, that some of the target group (rather the most young part of it), do not like communication via Twitter.

What’s important here:

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