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How to check, analyze and manage randomly started online presences

Many marketers have started Twitter accounts, Facebook pages and other social media presences without a plan, just to experiment with social media. What do you do if they have grown, but now your CEO wants to know what social media can do for the brand? [Continue reading →]

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Online Campaigning

Moonfruit is a web hosting company, offering a very simple website construction tool for people who have no technical knowledge. In June 2009 Moonfruit ran a promotion using the viral power of Twitter’s trending topics. Twitter users had the chance to win one of 10 Apple MacBooks just by tweeting the tag #moonfruit. The campaign pushed the #moonfruit tag at the top of the trending topics for an entire week and created on- and offline media buzz for the company for the very limited cost of the 10 MacBooks. The result has been worldwide product awareness with an enormous degree of target group reach at minimum cost, making the campaign probably one of the most efficient brand marketing campaigns in marketing history.