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Google Instant shows today´s dominating search terms

With Google Instant starting today, I was wondering what Google would propose after typing just the first letter of a search term (see the list below).

Since the results would reflect personal search preferences, I checked that with an unused account to achieve maximum objectivity. Some of the instant search results made me suspect a location based element, but then I should not see results like Pandora, Orkut and Lowes when in fact surfing in Germany.
So, the results do not reflect my personal preferences and do not fit to my location at all, making the actual relevance to my probable search goals very low.

Here are the alphabetical results:

  • a-mazon
  • B-BC
  • c-raigslist
  • d-ictionary
  • e-bay
  • f-acebook
  • g-mail
  • h-otmail
  • i-kea
  • j-ohn lewis
  • k-ijiji
  • l-owes
  • m-sn
  • n-ext
  • o-rkut
  • p-andora
  • q-uotes
  • r-ightmove
  • s-kype
  • t-arget
  • u-tube
  • v-erizon
  • w-eather
  • x-e
  • y-outube
  • z-ara

Not surprising but still interesting is

  • the dominance of retailers with online order procedures
  • fb and youtube are there (even as utube) but not twitter
  • but target (U.S. retailer) instead