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Social Media Monitoring

The benefits of monitoring social media can be divided into 4 categories:

  1. Content: Information on what the target group is communicating online about your market, the products, your brand, your company and their needs.
  2. Reputation: Information about your target groups’ sentiment towards your company and brand, reputation issues.
  3. Channels: Information about your target groups’ online whereabouts. Which platforms are they frequenting, in which networks are they members, which forums and communities do they visit and which blogs do they write and read.
  4. KOL Identification: Finding out about your  key consumers and opinion leaders. This can be of great value for PR, direct marketing, customer service and CRM.

Find out about detailed processes, available tools and possible software solutions: check out the Social Media Monitoring Handbook and the Social Media Monitoring Package.
Social Media Monitoring Instruments