The Social Media Marketing Handbook

Social Media Marketing Handbook← Look inside!

Our communication channels have changed significantly in the last few years. However, the marketing communication mix of most companies has not adapted acoordingly.The book answers the most pressing questions of CEOs, CMOs and General Managers:

  • How to come up quickly with a professional social media marketing concept?
  • How do you plan social media marketing?
  • How can you monitor and measure social media marketing?
  • How to formulate a strategy?
  • Where to take the content from?
  • Was is SMO and SEO? How does seeding really work?
  • What can social media marketing really achieve? How to measure it?
  • How to integrate social media marketing into the company processes?
Social Media Marketing Handbuch Inside← Look inside?
practical handbook with:
– instructions
– checklists
– decision trees
– examples
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(ISBN 978-3-8442-0453-7)
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The book has been written in German language. The English version is in the works. Please email to receive a notification as soon as the English version of the handbook is available.


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