Digital Marketing in Germany

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Executive Summary:
Social Media in Germany

Germany is Europes biggest consumer market. Time to market your products in Germany. The German social media users show a fragmented usage profile. As described in The Top20 Social Networks in Germany, Facbook is leading, Twitter lives in a niche and 6 of the top 10 networks are hard to spell German sites. How can you reach your audience in Germany?

  • Hire someone familiar with the German media landscape and the current social media situation (e.g. sonncom marketing) to help you sort out the specifics and online whereabouts of your specific target group.
  • Find out about your target groups media behavior (a.traditional and
  • List online display possibilities for these media.
  • Find out about your target groups needs, what they are interested in and what they want to know (regarding your product category).
  • Tailor content for these needs.
  • Set up information channels for this content.
  • Seed the content into b.
  • Support with displaying into a.
  • Measure traffic results.
  • Set up communication channel(s) according to traffic results.
  • Re-tailor content for communication channel(s).
  • Measure results and adapt content, ad and seeding concepts.

Marketing Channels in Germany
Today’s marketing channel picks are broadly dominated by digital media and transmission methods. Here is a comprehensive list and some more suggested reading:

Any more questions on social media marketing in Germany?


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